Hackathon - 2nd Edition

July 03 - 05, 2020 | The hackathon on the top of the mountains!

The 2nd edition of our hackaton takes place from July 03 - 05, 2020 at Kronplatz, South Tyrol, Italy. After our very successful first hackathon back in 2018, we launch the second edition of the hackathon in summer 2020. The theme of the upcomming hackathon will be "IoT in the mountains". As the internet of things (IoT) already changes our everyday lifes, we will challenge you to get even more things connected, gain insights in ways nobody did it before, solve real problems and build solutions on the of the internet of things.

The registration for participants will open on January 22, 2020.
IoT in the mountains - sparkling ideas in the midst of nature. Our goal is to foster the innovation spirit and variety of ideas with this hackathon. In the middle of the mountains, away from everyday urban life, we provide a challenging and exciting weekend to our software developers.
36 hours - develop a first working prototype within 36 hours. The participants have to develop a working prototype in their teams which solves a specific problem of our supporters.
3 minutes pitch - Pitch your prototype in front of an experts panel of the supporting companies to win the challenge.
Participants - You are interested in having fun and meeting smart people? You can check out all information about participating in the hackathon in our Participants Section.
Teams - We want to bring highly skilled developers together in an outstanding environment to develop awesome ideas.
Companies - You are interested in supporting a cool event for bright minds? You get all information about supporting this event in the Supporters Section.

Take this unique chance to be part in the HackTheAlps Hackathon - 2nd Edition!

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Participants Infos

We are hackers, we know what you need!

You are interested in having fun and meet smart people? Then you should check out the infos below! But first things first: the registration for the hackathon will open on January 22, 2020. Better follow us on our channels so you do not miss the kickoff.
What you get - We love food, therefore you get probably the best food available on any hackathon. And due to our supporters, all meals and drinks are free of charge. You also get an exceptional location with an amazing view. Seriously, Kronplatz is awesome. You get the change to participate in different challenges and win amazing prizes. On top, you have to get in touch with developers, business and technical leaders from across Europe. All of this and even more you get free of charge - no registration or participantion fees.
What you have to bring - We can not command you what you have to bring, but we recommand to bring a sleeping bag, your laptop, charger and all the gadgets along you need to build your fabulous project. Maybe clothes to change and your toiletry bag would be beneficial as well.
All participants have to take care for transport to and from the location on their own. Please make arrangements in advance. For useful tips regarding your trip and transportation, stay tuned, FAQ is comming or contact us on our channels.

Supporters Infos

Foster, challenge and be part of our second HackTheAlps hackathon!

Foster and challenge young talents with your own challenge! Every supporting company will be mentioned in our advertising material. Additionally, your company has the possibility to get in touch with young developers of different experience levels - from student to expert in their field. In contrast to an ordinary trade fair or expo, you have 3 days - 36 hours non-stop - to deepen your relationship to potential new hires and have the chance to get a first impression of their skills - from development to teaming and presentation.

Participate in our first information event for interested companies and software developers in February 2020. More details are available soon.

Take this unique chance to be part of HackTheAlps Hackathon - 2nd Edition!
What you get - We reworked our concept according the received feedback of supporters and participants after the last hackathon. To provide a higher value to the supporter companies, the challenges of the supporters receive the main focus and no main challenge is available. Therefore the supporters have more freedom in the definition of the challenge and more immediate contact to the participants. Each supporter package includes 2 to 4 tickets for employees. The ticket contains a two-way cable car ticket, food and beverage. If you choose to, you are welcome to share the dormitory with the participants. Since we have more space available for the event, we can provide better visibility for the supporter booths. All supporting companies can hold a presentation on the main stage.
We also hired a professional social media team. They take care of an optimal media presence: before, during and after the event. Become a supporter and get promoted along with the hackathon in the domestic and foreign areas. The social media team will do interviews with each supporter company.
What you have to bring - To become a supporter you can choose between different packages: Platin, Gold and Silver. The table below gives an overview how the supporter packages differ from each other. For details and prices, feel free to contact us on your channel of choice.