Sponsor challenge Raiffeisen

Raiffeisenverband South Tyrol is the main association in the north of Italy with the mission to support and protect its member cooperatives and to foster their economical performance and development.


Among the members are the rather well known cooperative banks “Raiffeisenkassen”. Our challenge is focused on this banking world and their native approach to financial sustainability.

The challenge: Design Your Dream "Banking" App

Reinvent the interaction with the bank according to your vision. In doing so, you are free to develop your own tailored smartphone application that reflects your imagination of a smart operating bank with a high coolness factor.

Sustainability in the banking sector also means serving the customer in the best possible way and bringing his (mobile) interaction with the bank to the level he desires. Generating added value through new technology or by the use of open data or linking with other companies means digital sustainability for us.

Show us your idea from the perspective of a customer. No matter if you choose to approach the financial context through gamification, or if you bring the data exchange with the bank to a new (graphical) level of information content and user experience, and/or if you use the numerous sensors of a smartphone for a revolutionary operating concept.

Do not hesitate, come up with your own ideas!

If you want we will provide you with a few datasets of a typical bank data model.