Sponsor challenge Technoalpin

TechnoAlpin is the leading innovator in the snow-making sector and provides its customers with individual and highly optimized snow-making solutions.

The efficiency of all components, from pumping stations to snow guns and the control software, is the company’s top priority to guarantee an excellent snow quality, while minimizing the energy and water consumption of the snow production.

The challenge: Satellite Image Analysis for Ski Resorts


Is it possible to reliably recognize the surface and topology of the ski slopes, the position of the snow producers, the ropeways and ski lifts, artificial lakes for snowmaking and other important objects in a ski resort? We provide you with a satellite image as well as a high-resolution photograph of the ski resort KRONPLATZ.

But you are absolutely not limited to use solely those images. What other sources of information (e.g. digital elevation model, pictures from the website,…) could possibly be combined to provide further insights and more detailed information?